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Friday, 30 March 2018


H.R. International has always been the biggest fishery in the steady manpower pool of India. But sometimes, identifying and catching the biggest fish is a lengthy process requires incomparable efforts and patience. In most cases, finding the right candidate for the right opportunity is a task of great precision where an inappropriate move can dissolve your chances to attract the most valuable candidates. The competition for attracting best candidates is so potent and impenetrable that it won’t even possible to get the best results without Involving and consulting an expert in the matter. Today, Indians are everywhere like a constellation of stars that can be viewed from every corner of the planet, holding immense qualifications and skills in various fields of study and work. 

H.R. International has always been familiar with the depth of Indian talent pool and knew that Indians possess the capability to revolutionize how the world thinks about international manpower industry and open up new corridors of profitable outcomes. To provide Indians the valuable opportunities to excel their professional skills at a global scale, H.R. International has done a commendable job in the course of 13 years, in recruiting Indians for Gulf and Middle-East countries. Such a reputable experience and a long chain of satisfied clients in Gulf countries stand as the testimony of their integrity, competency and quality, granting them the title of the best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in India.      

H.R. International, a trustworthy name in recruitment services.

H.R. International is a more organized form of recruitment consulting services that work closely with the Government of India and the Gulf countries, identifies the real vacancies available for Indian Manpower in foreign nations. The company is authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs of India to freely execute their recruitment operations and, additionally, certified and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Healthcare of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the recruitment of Indian medical and academic professionals for the vacant positions of Saudi-based hospitals, colleges and universities. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India and adopted by Indian people as of the Top Recruitment Agencies in India. 

H.R. International is a leading domestic/overseas recruitment consultant delivering quality services in international placement, multinational employment and career placement assistance and more Overseas Manpower Agency in India.


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