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Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Poland is a country forming a part of the European Union but the living cost here is comparatively much lower and affordable as compared to other countries in Europe. The pleasant weather, rich cultural history, and safe atmosphere are the other benefits which make it an interesting place to study, work and settle. Apart from these, the place has the lowest crime rate in Europe and the visitors can be assured to making a safe stay in the respective destination. Holding a European degree is considered as asset in both Indian and international market, and studying in Poland can offer the same at a comparatively much lower cost. Polish universities not only compete with each other to provide high quality education at an attractive tuition fees but also offers a wide range of courses.

H.R. International has established its educational consultation company in Poland with the name H.R. International Europe to facilitate the aspiring and young Indian students in gaining admission in these well-recognised European universities. The placement of these academic institutes in the international rankings reflects their reputation in the world, and the business schools in Poland are reputed for their academic expertise and the high-quality programs offered to the students provides them solid professional preparation to make them stand tall in the corporate sector. Thus, we aim to ease the tedious admission formalities completion for the students and promote higher education among the naïve youths of India. We are categorised as the Top Manpower Recruitment Agency in India, and now aspire to achieve the same reputation in the field of education consultation.


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