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Wednesday, 5 December 2018


H.R. International is a reliable executive search and talent consulting brand, headquartered in New Delhi and uniquely positioned as the most resourceful Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency throughout the world with the focus on premier placement services. The company is an ISO 9001:2015 (QMS JAS-ANZ) certified business entity holding authorization from Ministry of External Affairs of India under the leadership of H.R. Group of Companies. 

Our company had witnessed year on year growth and employed 300+ personnel who are successfully operating in various Gulf countries including Dubai, which escalated our operational strength and enabled us to be the world leader in the field of manpower consulting and the finest choice of Indian professionals who wish to explore various job opportunities bustling in foreign countries. With 13 years of enthralling experience, we have hired only employees who have chosen recruitment as their professional career and have spent years understanding the ups and downs of the recruitment trade, holding self-belief, confidence, and potential to actively response toward every staffing need of Gulf-based companies. Our recruitment offices comprise a State-of-the-art hiring technique that is equipped to deliver best outcomes for your recruitment needs. We have a sprawling global presence, particularly in Gulf countries with a long-lasting relationship with our global clients.  Manpower Agency in India

Our professional approach as a global recruitment agency is to provide world-class guidance in the overall recruitment process of attracting, selecting and appointing right candidates for suitable profile. Since our inception in 2005, our primary goal is to deliver simple, fast, strong, dynamic, and responsive experience to all our overseas clients in their quest of searching the best possible manpower available. We are globally renowned for timely deployment of services to our valued clients. Our rigorously trained recruiters throughout the world are connected with countless embassies/consulates, government agencies and possess unique negotiation skills and ability to construct positive ideas to take down any legal issues that may appear during the hiring process. By following the same method, they also strive to discover the best manpower available in the most demanding niche skills areas too.  

Global Presence and Experiences

Under the leadership of H.R. International, a sister company of H.R. Group of Companies with 25 offices throughout the world and a strong network of local as well as international recruiters, after 13 years of devotion toward procurement of satisfying talents, we have advanced ourselves to hire fresh graduates as well as experienced workers in Indian talent pool and give them a unique opportunity to enjoy the luxuries and lifestyle of foreign nations which made us the Top Manpower Agency in India.         

We have developed a strong foothold in countless States and Cities in India including Recruitment Agency in Mumbai, and Overseas Recruitment Agency in Delhi, and a huge global network of associate offices including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Ghana, Poland, Egypt, Khartoum, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nepal and many more, enabling Indian candidates to easily approach for consultancy and find out the vacancies suitable for them in any of these countries. On the other hand, candidates deployed to these countries can contact our offices and get assistance on urgent matters related to workplace or any legal drawbacks.     


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