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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


The political, religious, and business relations between India and Sri Lanka has a vast history of over 3 millenniums, making India the closest friend and neighbor of Sri Lanka until today. H.R, International is just another chapter in their business relations, propelling efforts to bridge the employment gap between them and provide genuine HR solutions for both employers and employees.    

H.R. International, as a globally reputed Recruitment and Manpower agency based in India, has a total of 25 associate offices, partnering offices and agencies all over the world including Sri Lanka as well. We are here to help businesses simplify their recruitment tasks, so they primarily focus on their business productivity goals while we recruit, train and place top-performing candidates for their vacant executive positions to help them bring real changes, gain a competitive edge and achieve success. That’s because we are the foremost Manpower and Recruitment agency in Sri Lanka, holding 13 years of enthralling experience in placing potential talents in multinational companies located at Sri Lanka, and on the other hand, helping Sri Lankan candidates shape an extraordinary and multi-faceted career in various overseas locations including Gulf, Middle-East, European as well as Asian countries. Recruitment Agency in Sri Lanka

We have only hired those individuals who took overseas recruitment as their professional career despite their residents and nationality; they are a dedicated group of professionals well-trained in identifying only best candidates who match the eligibility criteria of job vacancies suggested by the employer. Also, they are closely linked with various consulates/embassies, immigration lawyers, Government agencies of their respective countries to take care of all the legal formalities related to the overseas recruitment of candidates. 

Whether you are an employer and job seeker, H.R. International is a perfect solution to bring out the best possibilities of employment outside your national boundaries as they are accredited and approved by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and headquartered in New Delhi with a branch office in Mumbai, India, and served many neighboring countries including Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. 

Companies based in Sri Lanka can easily access our services and recruit professional Indian candidates in diverse business sectors, whereas Sri Lankan talents can avail best career-options that weren’t possible in the environment they were born in, which makes us the finest Recruitment Agency in Sri Lanka for employers and employees.   


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