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Tuesday, 27 February 2018


India holds a high fraction of qualified human resource, this call for a perennial demand of talented Indian youths in the overseas organizations. At the same time, people here also aspire to work abroad and extend their cooperation and professional assistance in the company’s growth. More Indians working in the overseas market would generate more inflow of foreign exchange, thus enhancing the standard of living of families of these employed individuals and help in curbing the ever-growing unemployment issue.

H.R. International is considered among Best Recruitment Agency in India because of the reliable employment facilitation it offers to the aspiring Indian manpower and provides them with a platform to prove their professional worth in the overseas market. Initiated in the year 2005 in New Delhi, H.R. International realized the multiple advantages that overseas placement can provide to the Indian citizens. It worked hard to achieve this prime goal and today, the branch offices of our placement agency are located in Mumbai (India), Nepal, Gulf and Middle-east countries, and Poland with a chain of associative offices covering several regions of India and abroad. Overseas Manpower Agency

Our dedication and professional ethics have made us categorize as the best Manpower Agency for Overseas and we continuously strive to provide the job aspirants with secure jobs in the foreign organizations. We are backed by an expert team of recruitment consultants and their collective strength and deep HRM skills make us capable to efficiently handle the workforce requirements placed by the end of our reputed clients and offer us a distinctive reputation among the well-recognized recruitment agencies in India.


In this competitive era, the young and aspiring individuals fail to make them employed at renowned organizations, also some desire to initiate their career from reputed business companies but are not able to turn this into reality. The organizations at the same time are not able to retain the best talent in the market and remain open to hiring individuals from any corner of the world. This is where the recruitment agencies come into play.

H.R. International is the pioneer among the Best Recruitment Agencies in Vietnam due to its advanced employment approach and detailed HRM practices followed by the team of professional recruitment experts. Through all these years of its service, it has emerged as the most trusted and preferred business partner for various Indian, multinational and overseas organizations in helping them with the most innovative workforce solutions. Our deep insight of the recruitment strategies has offered us a distinctive position among the best Overseas Recruitment Agency in Vietnam. We strategize and follow stringent procedures during the selection of candidates’ right from advertising the vacancy to the CV selection followed by technical test conductance and personal interviews. These are later followed by screening the candidates’ for the desired profile and selecting them for the final face-off round before the clients.

Our organization headquartered in New Delhi, India and its network includes a branch office located in the prime interiors of Mumbai, along with several other associative offices in various Indian states. We have our international offices in neighboring countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand whereas gorgeously achieved a global presence covering all the commercial and industrial sectors located within the Gulf, Middle-East, European and Asian countries, and are functional with the strength of around 200 highly qualified and experienced consultants who have worked as a backbone for our placement consultancy.


H.R. International is one of the major Recruitment and manpower agencies having associate offices in the United Kingdom for the recruitment of candidates for our UK-based clients, providing a wealth of services including Executive searching, Local/overseas recruitment, sourcing talents, Document attestation, visa assistance, travel planning, and legal arrangements. We are equipped with a plethora of local and international expertise and in-depth market intelligence to provide quality recruitment solutions to both employers and employees in diverse business sectors including healthcare, hospitality, FMCG, Facility Management, Automobile, Construction, Academic, Information Technology, Civil and Mechanical engineers and Oil and Gas Companies.    

H.R. Group of Companies 

We are a subsidiary company of H.R. Group of Companies, a dedicated business conglomerate who managed a pioneering position in diverse business verticals comprising IT services, Tours and Travels, Technical services, Technical skill up gradation, CAD training institution, Overseas recruitment, company set up services, and Real estate business by the names of 
1.     H.R. International
2.     H.R. CAD Centre
3.     H.R. Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
4.     H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd.
5.     H.R. Construction and Contracting,
6.     H.R. Tours and Travels,
7.     H.R. Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
8.     Leap Forth Technical Services LLC.

Most of the Blue-collar candidates, we have deployed to European and Gulf countries are trained professional of H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd., The centre is widely famed to impart all types of updated technical testing, training and interview facility for various technical fields. Recruitment Agency in UK

We are headquartered in New Delhi, India, with a branch office in Mumbai and gorgeously achieved a global presence at various locations of Gulf, Middle-East, and European as well as Asian countries. Additionally, we are accredited and appreciated by several organizations in both Government and private sectors.   

WE have achieved another milestone by establishing H.R. International Europe Sp.Zo.o in the core of Warsaw, Poland, and served several homegrown companies and universities by recruiting best possible candidates for all European countries Including United Kingdom which makes us the best Recruitment Agency in UK.  


The political, religious, and business relations between India and Sri Lanka has a vast history of over 3 millenniums, making India the closest friend and neighbor of Sri Lanka until today. H.R, International is just another chapter in their business relations, propelling efforts to bridge the employment gap between them and provide genuine HR solutions for both employers and employees.    

H.R. International, as a globally reputed Recruitment and Manpower agency based in India, has a total of 25 associate offices, partnering offices and agencies all over the world including Sri Lanka as well. We are here to help businesses simplify their recruitment tasks, so they primarily focus on their business productivity goals while we recruit, train and place top-performing candidates for their vacant executive positions to help them bring real changes, gain a competitive edge and achieve success. That’s because we are the foremost Manpower and Recruitment agency in Sri Lanka, holding 13 years of enthralling experience in placing potential talents in multinational companies located at Sri Lanka, and on the other hand, helping Sri Lankan candidates shape an extraordinary and multi-faceted career in various overseas locations including Gulf, Middle-East, European as well as Asian countries. Recruitment Agency in Sri Lanka

We have only hired those individuals who took overseas recruitment as their professional career despite their residents and nationality; they are a dedicated group of professionals well-trained in identifying only best candidates who match the eligibility criteria of job vacancies suggested by the employer. Also, they are closely linked with various consulates/embassies, immigration lawyers, Government agencies of their respective countries to take care of all the legal formalities related to the overseas recruitment of candidates. 

Whether you are an employer and job seeker, H.R. International is a perfect solution to bring out the best possibilities of employment outside your national boundaries as they are accredited and approved by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and headquartered in New Delhi with a branch office in Mumbai, India, and served many neighboring countries including Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. 

Companies based in Sri Lanka can easily access our services and recruit professional Indian candidates in diverse business sectors, whereas Sri Lankan talents can avail best career-options that weren’t possible in the environment they were born in, which makes us the finest Recruitment Agency in Sri Lanka for employers and employees.   


H.R. International is an ISO 9001:2015 (QMS JAS-ANZ) certified Recruitment agency in Philippines having a huge network of well-qualified and experienced recruiters and headhunters, counterpart agencies providing overseas manpower and staffing solutions to startup companies, scale-ups and multinational organizations in the Philippines that are in dire need of skilled workforce, labors and foreign talents in both Blue-collar and White-collar business categories. Our team of headhunters, recruitment agents are experienced in sourcing and selecting real talents from several corners of the world as per their academic and professional strength and place them at various positions in diverse business sectors, industries and organizations within Metro Manila of Philippines. We have associate offices, partnering offices and agents spread all over the fast-growing economic countries of the world located in Gulf regions, Middle-East, Europe, and Asia.

We recruit, train and place all sort of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers from the Philippines in full and part-time vacancies all around the globe. We have served various multinational companies in diverse business sectors including of healthcare, hospitality, FMCG, Facility Management, Automobile, Construction, Academic, Information Technology, Civil and Mechanical engineers and Oil and Gas Companies while shaped countless global career by handling them to reputable employers.         

We have worked in the collaboration of several recruitment agencies, and possess 13 years of unparallel experience in sourcing top-performing candidates by employing and utilizing the finest blend of latest technologies, research tools, online techniques, and best practices in the manpower industry, making us the most trusted Recruitment Agency in Philippines.